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Well, the time has come.... Since I got my HH2, I've been playing that more, and in any case I'm playing far more bass than guitar these days. So my lovely HF2 has become, as the cliche goes, surplus to requirements. I'd prefer selling it here to selling it on eBay or Craigslist or Reverb, just because I know this is a self-selected group of people who truly appreciate Carvin/Kiesel, but que sera, sera.

I'm not averse to a counteroffer, but a super low one would be declined with thanks. (Politely, though! I'm mostly a polite guy.) I don't have much use for trades ATM, so a cash or PayPal sale is what I'm aiming for. If interested, feel free to just ask. What can it hurt?

Neck and body are both all mahogany. Fingerboard is black ebony, abalone dots. Stainless steel medium jumbo frets. Standard 20" FB radius. The total cost with HSC was just a little shy of $1600 IIRC. I've been using Pyramid Nickel Classics 10-48 (great strings!) and will toss in a set of those.

The guitar has not been played much; in fact, it's never been gigged. The body (front and back) and neck are in really excellent shape. See pics. I'm not claiming perfection, but blemishes are very few and very small. Certainly less than you'd see in the average "new" guitar that's been hanging on a GC rack for more than half an hour. There's no belt buckle rash that I can see.

In the interests of clarity, there are a few things you should know about this guitar:

1. The color is a custom one. It's not the usual translucent crimson red that's a standard option over mahogany. It's a ruby red stain, which normally isn't available in this configuration (ie, w/o a maple top). It's hard to describe the effect, and my dang phone doesn't represent it quite accurately. But it's sort of like red wine, and will have some slightly orangeish tinges in bright sunlight. So it's sort of special ... if you like that kind of thing. (I do.)

2. The original H22 pickups have been replaced by Bill Lawrence/Wilde USA L-90s (4H and 6H, IIRC; To me, that was an improvement, though YMMV. I don't have the original H22s any more. The doublecoil-to-singlecoil switching is preserved and is actuated by the volume pull-pot, as it was with the H22s in the configuration I originally ordered.

3. I put an extra strap button on the upper bout, in the "normal" location; however, I didn't remove the one where the neck joins the body (the standard Holdsworth positioning). I've gone back and forth with strap placement and have never been able to decide which I liked better, so I kept both. Choices, choices....

4. Because I have a bad habit of trailing my little finger on the top of the guitar when I use a pick, I put on a transparent plastic piece in a pickguard position to protect the top. You might be able to see it in the pics. This sheet shows some wear, but it's not a permanent install. You can take it off, and the top beneath will have little if any wear.

5. I switched out the stock Carvin locking tuning machines for Gotoh locking Stealth-Key tuners (~$165 ordered directly from Gotoh in Japan; For my tastes, this improved the balance of the guitar by reducing the weight at the headstock, but admittedly there are cosmetic disadvantages (ie, holes; see pics). I do still have the original Carvin locking tuners, so if you prefer, I will happily toss them into the deal as well. (OR: I will put them back on for you, if you insist.) Putting the old ones back on will cover one, if not both, of the mounting holes for the Ultralites and thus may yield a more pleasing esthetic result.

6. I have both a hard case and a gig bag for this. I was planning to ship in the hard case, but if you want the gig bag instead, I can do that. If you want both, we can certainly discuss.

7. I've got a shipping box and am ready to get it out the door upon purchase. However, if you're at all close to me (I'm in the SF Bay Area, in West Contra Costa County over the Bay bridge and north and east of the City), we can arrange a local pickup instead. And if you pick it up, naturally I'd take something off the price.

8. As you see, the truss rod cover is monogrammed with my name. (I wasn't planning on selling this when I bought it, clearly.) Obviously, nobody wants some stranger's name on their guitar, so I've ordered a replacement cover that will say "Holdsworth," the way these signature models originally did. It should arrive by 5/14 at latest, and I'll provide that with the guitar..

I have 2 or 3 more pics, but apparently they're too big to upload. (I could probably e-mail if you want.) Thanks for looking!

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