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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:04 pm   Reply with quoteBack to top

Deja vu. Well, I already posted this over in the Carvin forums, but I joined the museum forums first and did promise to post pics once they arrived. It does feel kind of weird posting to both sites, but I've seen it done by several veterans, so I thought I'd follow suit. I guess there are some that frequent one site and not the other. I am using the pic links from the other site, that seems to work for now. At any rate, enjoy...

After just under 8 weeks, I received a visit from a man in a brown shirt today. I was very happy to relieve him of his burden - a box weighing about 29 pounds. Being at work, I only had a few minutes to peek at the bass, but now that I'm home and have had a chance to play it, here is my review so far...

When I ordered the bass, I knew basically (no pun intended) what I wanted and culled pieces and parts from different pictures I had seen to come up with my own personal combination. I searched and searched and never found my exact combination, but did find some fairly close. The closest was only different in that it had chrome hardware, white logo and rounded edges. I wanted all black, and squared edges. But the picture I found online was enough for me to put as my phone wallpaper so I had something to drool over for the time being.

I did have a somewhat bad experience prior to buying this bass where I bought a similar one off eBay. When I bought it off eBay, it was about 10 years old and it had rounded edges and a solid maple neck (no stripes) and just didn't appeal to me as much as I thought it would once I received it. However, to my surprise (and anger) I realized right away that the actives were fried. I sent it back and got my refund, added several hundred to it and ordered this bass. So, as I was waiting for this bass, I was a little apprehensive, wondering if I was going to be as disappointed as I was with the used one.

Nope. Didn't happen. I opened that case and at first glance an involuntary grin grew across my face. Two things immediately came to mind. The squared edges really make a HUGE difference in the look of this thing, and it didn't have any really weird knots or twists in the wood. I don't mind some swirls and natural beauty of the wood showing, but I just didn't want anything really odd.

The third thing that came to mind was, "where is the toggle switch for the HB coil splitting?" Since I saw the switch on XB bases and the 2001 model that I got off eBay had one, but I didn't see any option for one during the online order process, I asked about it and was told the HB2 option came with a splitter switch. Well, it doesn't. No biggie. It would have been nice to have, but until my talent reaches the level to where lack of ability to split a HB pickup really makes that much of a difference (won't happen in this lifetime) - I can live without one.

As far as playability - the first thing I noticed was how freaking low the action is. My 4003 has some low action, but not like this. I literally fumbled for several minutes before I realized it wasn't really how close the fretboard was to the strings, but how close the pickups were to the strings. I play the Ric right over the neck pup and was resting my thumb on the neck pup of the LB with my fingers plucking right above the pup. Adjusting a little and plucking a little to the side of the pup made a world of difference.

So, after getting a little more comfortable with the feel, I start to play with the sounds. I started everything off flat and went from there. Wow - every little tweak here, every little nudge there...this is like trying to ride a tricycle with power steering. Remember, the eBay bass had fried actives, so all I had to go by were the passives. Both my other basses (Jazz and 4003) are passive-only. What in the world have I been missing??? This thing seems to have unlimited tonal control. It's definitely going to take me quite a while to get used to it before I'll be able to dial in tones at the drop of a hat.

Well, I've only played her for about 20 minutes, so here's some pics - I got some plucking to do..

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That really is a gorgeous bass! Glad you're enjoying it. Cool

"Hide the decline."

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ElfDude wrote:
That really is a gorgeous bass! Glad you're enjoying it. Cool


Very Very Nice Applause

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Way Too Much Free Time

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Tasty Tasty walnut.
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